Wednesday, February 20, 2013

US Airways promises employees to keep hubs, but not livery

US Airways' latest employee update on its merger plans is out, and the company has some interesting things to say about maintaining its hubs and whether or not it will keep American Airlines' new livery.

American and US Airways announced their merger last week, and plan to close on the deal in the third quarter. The new American livery has been a source of much derision, and people have wondered whether the merged airline will keep the tail design.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker will lead the merged airline, and it seems like the US Airways team could be open to a change. American adopted its new branding and livery while the carrier was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Here's the company's response from a Q & A in the employee update:

Q. What will happen to the American Airlines and US Airways branding and livery? 
A. American Airlines is one of the most iconic brands in the world, and we are excited to operate under that globally recognized brand name. More specific branding and livery decisions will be made in due course as we move forward in the integration-planning process 

The company also reiterated its promises not to do major cutbacks - a crucial issue for both travelers and employees.

Q. Will you be downsizing any hubs, reservation centers or facilities?
A. This is a merger premised on growth . Our synergies are derived primarily from the revenue benefits of American Airlines’ and US Airways’ complementary networks . Importantly, we expect to maintain all hubs and service to all our current destinations.


Unknown said...

Do any real people actually use the word "livery" in daily language? How about writing in terms people actually use? I feel like I'm reading something from the 1940s and I'm sure a lot of readers are saying to themselves "What the heck is a livery?"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wtf is a livery? I thought that was a place where they shoed horses in the 1800's.